“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

The roots of success are formed in strong foundations and grown from discipline.



Every investment involves some degree of risk and it is essential that investors realize that the complete elimination of risk is not possible. The loss of principal or loss of purchasing power resides in every investment opportunity, even though it may not be readily apparent. While risk cannot be avoided, proper diversification may significantly moderate risk in an investment portfolio.


Building and managing a successful long term investment portfolio entails capturing return and controlling risk, regardless of the financial market or economic environment. Sensible investors recognize the vital importance of diversification in managing the trade-off between risk and return in an investment portfolio.

Our portfolios are predominantly composed of individual stocks and bonds. We use mutual funds and exchanged traded funds on a selected basis to expand overall portfolio diversification. While we are cognizant of the broader economic and financial forces that impact the global financial markets, our focus is searching for value in individual stocks and bonds. Financial markets always overshoot underlying fundamentals, and the natural volatility of global markets and fluctuating price action of individual companies, often present opportunities to establish long term positions in attractively valued securities.

Socially Responsible Investing

For over ten years, selected clients have requested that we screen investments for various socially responsible criteria, as defined by our client. Additionally, our firm’s founder was solely responsible for the portfolio management and investment strategy of a no-load, socially responsible, common stock mutual fund for nearly eight years. We have the experience and expertise to apply socially responsible screens to client accounts, if desired.