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Managing money for institutional and non-profit investors requires a different set of skills and expertise. The essential investment criteria for institutional and non-profit investors are vastly different than those of individual investors, e.g. tax issues and time horizons. We have extensive experience in the management of investment portfolios for institutional investors and enjoy assisting diverse non profit boards and committees achieve their special mission. The range of services we offer extends well beyond the actual management of the investment portfolio.

We offer the following services to institutional and non-profit investors:

  • Investment management and planning
  • Drafting of Investment Policy Statements
  • Definition of spending policies
  • Selection and education on appropriate asset classes
  • Assistance in establishing policies and procedures which discharge their fiduciary obligations

It is important to always realize that the time horizon for institutional and non-profit investors is not finite and consequently, long term, strategic asset allocation and investment planning are critical to the ability of successfully carrying out the mission of the non profit in the future.